Sometimes you just want to watch a programming conference session video, but they are all over the place. PDC 09, PDC 10, Mix 10, three difference sites / urls. I wrote a little WPF program that allows you to select videos based on multiple criteria similar to the PivotViewer ™ control.


You can select by presenter, conference, tags, or even search. You can play the results in a playlist, shuffled or not, and even save the playlist for later.

Pivot Video will show you a tooltip with more information when you mouse-over a session. It’s also optimized for touch screens and touch scrolling.


It currently has conference videos from:

  • Mix 2010
  • NDC 2010
  • PDC 2009
  • PDC 2010
  • Tech Ed 2010
  • Tech Ed AU 2010
  • Mix 2011

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