When you add a reference to a .dll in Visual Studio, there are a couple schools of thought.

One way is putting a lib folder inside the project.


Another method is to used a share to store references. e.g.


Someone mentioned to me today that they got out-voted by other people who were voting for the share reference method.

There are a couple of reasons this approach is bad:

  1. If the files are moved or deleted, it will break the build for every existing app.
  2. If the share is unshared, or there is network issues, the build will fail.

If you go with the Project\lib folder in the project approach, it has none of those drawbacks. You can still store the references on a shared drive, but copy them to the Project\lib folder. This will not have the any of the cons of the shared UNC path approach. Plus, the Project\lib approach is more accepted among development teams.

This is just my opinion… Thoughts?